The Company

Martinique was founded by group of senior business people with many years of service in the Sectional- and
Full Title environment, as well as in other business sectors. Martinique handles the Management of more
than 100 Full Title and Sectional Title Schemes as well as Security Villages in the greater Gauteng Province.
More than 4,000 residential units are involved. The levy turnover amounts to more than R4m and the
Insurance Brokers has more than R2.5b fixed property under insurance. Martinique positioned itself with
experienced Managers assisted by an Accounts Assistant and a Financial Officer. This unit handles a
maximum of 15-20 Complexes, insuring service delivery and a continuance of relationships between the
Schemes and Martinique. Unlike before and other agencies, the staff turn over has dropped to virtually
nothing. We believe that the relationship between ourselves and the Scheme is the glue of a successful
venture, benefiting both parties leading to a properly Managed Scheme.

We are a leading Scheme Management Service Company which provides the following services:

  • Sectional Titles

  • Full Title Schemes

  • Residential Estates

  • Office Parks

  • Rentals

  • Property Sales

  • Property Management

  • Debt Collecting


It is our vision to provide a service far higher than the market average thereby promoting a superior service.


To effectively manage Sectional Title Schemes in a cost effective manner in order to add the most value possible to each home owner in order for him / her to have peace of mind in the biggest investment most home owners have.